Weddings And Baptisms


What Does The Bible Say …About Marriage? “Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for God has
joined them together.”(The Bible, Matthew chapter 19 verse 6)

In Christian marriage the couple are joined together by God in a life-long

“… Submit to one another … husbands must love your wives with the same
love Christ showed the church. He gave up his life for her … In the same way,
husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies.”

(The Bible, Ephesians chapter 5 verses 21 – 28)

St George’s Church is a beautifully light and airy church in which to make the
vows, before God, that will join you together as man and wife.

We can offer you a full wedding package including the hire of
our halls for your wedding reception if you require. The
choir will be happy to sing at your wedding and the bell ringers will ring out
your good news across the community. We also have links to a professional
wedding photographer and other services to help make your special day everything
you want as you start your new life journey together. Please do not think, that
if you use the church halls, you will have to have a tee-total wedding
reception, the halls are licensed for the consumption of alcohol, although not
for it’s sale.

To discuss your requirements for your wedding at St George’s,
please contact the church office on 01202 660612 to make an appointment with the
Rector – Rev.Antony MacRow-Wood.


Baptism is the sign that someone belongs to Christ. That is why baptism is
sometimes known as christening.

Babies, children and adults can be baptised. Although a baby
cannot decide to follow Christ for themselves, a baptism shows that the child is
included as a member of the church family.

When a child is baptised the family and church members look
forward to the day when the promises made on behalf of the baby become
personally real for the child.

Adults can be baptised if they were not baptised as a child.
It is a way for them to express their faith in Christ.

The baptism service itself is only the start. It is expected
that the child will be brought up as a follower of Jesus. At an infant baptism
service the child will have Godparents. These are special adults chosen
by the parents of the child. Godparents promise to take a special interest in
the child as he or she grows up, and encourage them in their Christian faith.
They are also asked to pray for the child. So being a Godparent is a very
important job. There are usually two male and one female Godparents for a boy,
and two female and one male for a girl. If the parents wish, there can be more
than three.

At St George’s, baptisms are conducted during the 10:00am
service on a Sunday morning once a month.

To arrange a baptism please contact the church office on 01202 660612 and make
an appointment to see the Rector -

Rev. Antony MacRow-Wood.