Poole Food Bank

The Poole Food Bank was established in 2007 to provide three days’ worth of food food to families and individuals in need. The achievement of the churches of Poole has been incredible, a total of one and a half tons of food has been given via Harvest Festivals, weekly church donations and by schools.
The store has been reorganised in order that 2600 kg of food can now be kept at the store and distributed to about 45 families per month in need in our community. These are only the families we know about. There are probably many more that could benefit from this facility.
Thank you all for your kind support and to Jo for taking the food to the store.

If you would like to donate food, click here for the shopping list of standard items, which need to have a ‘use by’ date of at least six months ahead.

The Food Bank operates a Fairtrade Coffee Shop and is based at the Longfleet URC, Longfleet Road and is open from Tuesday to Friday 9.30am until 12.30pm.
The food is of a good standard, reasonably priced and you will receive a warm welcome from those employed to help.
If you would like to find out more about the Food Bank, please contact Judith and her team on 01202 669566 or click here to see their website




Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy Mission is a leading international Christian development mission working in 28 countries. We have served people affected by leprosy since 1874.

Leprosy is still a disease of our time. Every year over 265,000 new patients are diagnosed and registered for treatment. But because of the stigma associated with leprosy and the consequent reluctance to seek medical care, it is estimated that even more cases go undetected.

Our work in South Asia, East Asia/Pacific and Africa includes:

  • advocacy for equal rights for people affected by leprosy and disabilities
  • leprosy treatment, general health care and health awareness
  • training for national health staff on diagnosing leprosy and preventing disability
  • surgery and physiotherapy
  • sustainable community development
  • community-based rehabilitation (eg. education, vocational training, housing, etc.)
  • small business loans to help people affected by leprosy gain independence and escape poverty The Leprosy Mission is committed to the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drawing on experience from over a century of combating the stigma and social exclusion of leprosy. Our priority is to focus on leprosy. However, people affected by leprosy are not immune to abuse and rejection. The Leprosy Mission has widened its advocacy to include issues of caste, tribe, gender inequality and exploitation of the poor. We address the physical, social, economic and spiritual needs of individuals and their communities through empowerment and by generating self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

Leprosy often traps the most vulnerable in a cycle of poverty. Leprosy is a human rights issue and our work goes beyond curing a disease. Our strategy includes strengthening communities and advocating for people who have no voice. We help to create health-promoting environments and support local health systems.

Church Army

Church Army – Reaching people where they are

Church Army is a society of evangelists linked to the Anglican Church, yet working beyond church buildings. It has been meeting the challenge of sharing faith through words and action for nearly 125 years and has over 300 evangelists in the UK and Ireland.

Church Army is about communicating the unchanging message of an unchanging God to a fast-changing culture and its evangelists continue to reach out and make church effective by meeting people where they are and by creating fresh and relevant expressions of Christian community in the 21st century.

Church Army evangelists can be found reaching out to people in diverse and challenging situations across the UK, including working with women involved in prostitution, as nightclub chaplains, in homeless projects, on housing estates, working with self harm victims, reaching younger people through music, drama and other creative activities, reaching older people through drops in centres and lunch clubs, ministering in supermarkets, prisons, schools, adventure centres, bus projects, caf� style churches and engaging with people via the Internet. Church Army equips and works in partnership with the local church and other organisations in rural, suburban and urban settings to develop appropriate and relevant forms of Christian community.

For more information on Church Army, telephone 020 8309 3575 or visit www.churcharmy.org.uk At St Georges Church the local Church Army contact is Pat Howe, please contact the Parish Office on 01202 660612 or email info@stgeorgesoakdale.org.uk

Postcards for the Sudan

Gloria Barker will collect these – please do not remove stamps. Please place in bag outside kitchen.