Ladies Evening Group

The St Georges Ladies Evening Group was formed by Revd George Muxlow in the 70s, for church and non church ladies of the parish of Oakdale and has now been going for over 30 years. We have no governing body to advise us, no long service medals, although several are founder members, and we have met all through the years on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, with few exceptions. We welcome new members who will be warmly greeted.
Elaine Hough, was our first leader, with Annie Horton as secretary, in 1991 Maureen Perkins took over from Margaret Phillipson and, with a lively committee, has given her all in finding good speakers and keeping us in order.
At our A.G.M. we have a buffet supper, at Christmas we go out to for a meal, partners included, and in the summer we have an outing.
In the beginning we met in the large hall as we has a large membership, but as time passed, ladies were admitted into the choir, the bells were hung and ringers needed, and in the 80s Alison Perham instigated the evening Mothers’ Union and ladies left to join other groups.
Of our first speakers, Betty Walker with her sugar craft and Janice Audibert with her Christmas cooking, both stand out in my mind and who could forget Mrs Rosselar and Moley. Anna Rosselar survived a concentration camp, came to England completely deaf and was given Moley a dog trained by Dogs for the Deaf, as it was then. We were asked to collect stamps and Elaine rustled up the children and parents at Stanley Green School and Pat Farrent rallied the people of Broadstone at the library, and we got 34 bin bags full, so many that a van had to be sent from headquarters of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf in Oxfordshire to collect them, the most collected by any group in the United Kingdom.
We go on, and with the Good Lord’s help will continue to enjoy companionship and interests with our members for many years. Come and join us, you will be most welcome.

Mothers’ Union

The Mothers’ Union meets at 8pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. See Who’s who page for contact details.Mothers\' Union Logo

Autumn Club

The Autumn Club meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2:15pm. The first Tuesday in each month is reserved for the Clergy half hour, i.e. a short service of hymns and prayers in church attended by The Rector and Peter Hooper, which is a very popular meeting.  Competitions are also very popular, especially the Easter Bonnets, cards and baskets.  Also the Quiz games where we present winners with a small prize.  The coach outings were well supported and enjoyed by members, especially those who live alone and have few opportunities to socialise.  The monthly Bring and buy raises additional funds for outings and the committee members reserve some of this money for expenses in payment of Speakers and for the annual Birthday Party.
We always do our best to arrange transport for housebound members.

Lunch Club

Roast DinnerA home cooked lunch is provided on Thursdays at 12:30pm for elderly people who live alone in our area. Due to space constraints we are limited to around 24 diners who are catered for by a team of volunteers and a cook. Our schedule revolves around school terms and we do not provide lunches during the school holidays. A reasonable charge is made for the two course lunch and transport can be provided in most cases. There is a friendly atmosphere and both the lunch club team and the diners look forward to our weekly meeting. At present there is a waiting list to attend the Lunch Club, contact the Parish Office for details on 01202 330141 or Email

Walking Strollers

StrollersSt Georges walking strollers are a group of mixed aged people who enjoy walking. The walks are once a month on a Saturday and we particularly like exploring the coast and countryside. We see some wonderful views of Dorset and Poole.  We also enjoy each others company and have a camp once a year in the summer which enables us to have a barbeque after a day of walking and finding a welcoming pub, to quench our thirst.

If you would like to join us on any of our walks please contact: Jonathan Williams (Joe)

Mobile 07890335836 or Email

Altar Servers

A server prepares the table for God during the services and leads processions within the church
Young and old take up this service for God.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a server contact: Jonathan Williams (Joe)

Via the parish office on 01202 660612 or Email


The band plays most Sunday evenings and on the 4th Sunday morning of the month.

We usually meet to practice for about 3/4 of an hour before the service.

Contact Ben Davies on 01202 466354


If you enjoy singing and having fun, then St George’s Church Choir is for you.

  • The Choir leads the worship at the 10am Sunday service and some Evening Services and Festivals.
  • We also, by invitation, sing Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral when the Cathedral choir is on holiday.
  • We also sing at weddings, when the couple have requested and paid the fee for a choir.
  • We sing at the annual choir festival in Salisbury Cathedral.
  • We follow the Royal School of Church Music training scheme “A Voice for Life”. Choristers can earn awards for their singing accomplishments, leading to the prestigeous Dean’s and Bishop’s Awards.
  • At Christmas, we have great fun singing Carols at several venues in the parish.
  • There are lots of outings and treats such as Splashdown, London, Beaulieu Motor Museum, Beach Parties during the Summer and much more for the junior choir, whilst the adult choir have social evenings, coffee mornings and an Annual Dinner.
  • Junior choristers receive a gift at Christmas and St George’s Day.

It’s great to belong to a Church Choir and singing is good for your health – so come along and join us.
New members are always welcome – both adults and juniors (Boys aged 7-14 years and Girls aged 7-16 years).

Practices are on Wednesdays, during term time, as follows:

Juniors 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Adults: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

If you would like more information about joining our church choir – please contact Mr Peter Hooper, Director of Music on 01202 692038.

For more information about the Royal School of Church Music click here.
For more information about the Salisbury Choir Festival please click here.

Bell Ringers

Bell Ringing at St Georges

The bells are rung every Sunday morning 9.30-10.00, they are also rung for special services, weddings and occasionally funerals.

We practice on Monday nights between 7.30-9.00pm.

Bell ringing is an art handed down over the centuries providing exercise for the body and mind.

New members are always welcome but we can only teach one or two people at a time because training is on a one to one basis. It takes about 10 lessons to be reasonable proficient handling the bell and a further 10 to integrate with the rest of the band. It takes on average about a year to be a reasonable standard but several years to be a really good ringer. Young people learn much faster than older ones, this applies to any musical instrument. It’s possible to start ringing at about 13 years providing you’re physically strong enough but there is no upper limit. At St George?s we have 6 bells the heaviest being 5cwt or 250 kg which is lightweight compared to most churches.

Since the bells were installed (1989) 2 peals have been rung and lots of quarter peals. A peal is 5040 changes which takes 2 hours 40 minutes to ring and is rung here only to commemorate a special Royal event. Quarter peals take 40 minutes and are rung for lots of reasons, for example, a new Rector and often to celebrate a birthday.

For more information contact Richard Luff Tel 673776